Why practicing via “real plays” is so important?

Working with a leading financial organisation with a particular focus on the softer skills, there is often the usual reaction of “I do not like role plays”, “they are not real”, “they make me feel uncomfortable” to name a few!

After a session of “real plays” the attitude has completely changed, and I asked for feedback as to why?

  • “ I can see why you call them real plays”

  • “ You quickly forget that you are not in front of a real client”

  • “Getting feedback from colleagues is so valuable and provides great insight”

  • “applying the techniques helps imbed them quickly and gives you the confidence to apply”

So, this highlights the importance of doing “real plays” and to practice with colleagues provides a great opportunity to gain feedback and an understanding as to how you come across to clients without having to practice with real clients.

So, let’s keep an open mind and embrace the opportunity to learn and practice.

David Graham